Stop Coronavirus Map

Stop Coronavirus Map




Whether you are healthy or feeling symptoms, please share your status. Together, we’ll help our communities slow the spread of coronavirus.


Beyond reported cases, what is the level of risk in your community?


The number of cases is likely vastly under-reported because many are so mild that those infected do not visit a doctor.

If all of us had a way of self-reporting whether we’re staying home, have relevant symptoms or have been in contact with people who do, we would greatly enhance the information available to our community leaders and researchers.

Universities, school districts and governments are working hard to understand the health of their populations. Anonymously crowdsourcing our health status is a powerful way to help.



How it works

When you click +PARTICIPATE on the stopcoronavirus map, you will be authenticated and asked to complete a short survey.

Your response is anonymous. The data from the survey will be shared with public health officials and researchers.


Your Privacy

When you click “Participate” you will be asked to login with authentication.  This step ensures that you are a real person.  Once you login you are assigned an anonymous participant ID number to ensure your privacy.

Your contact information will never be shared unless you specifically “opt-in” to have public health officials contact you.

The anonymized version of the collected reports will be made available to public health officials and researchers and never be used for commercial purposes

Frequently asked questions


About the coronavirus map

Each pin on the map identifies a city where people have reported.  Multiple reports can be associated with each pin.

The numbers in the blue circles represent the number of locations reported, not the number of reports.  There are many more reports than pins. GREEN pins represent reports where people reported no symptoms. RED pins represent reports where symptoms were reported.

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If you are affiliated with a university, school district, government or health organization

Please, contact us to embed this map on your website and start gathering data from your population.

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Slow down the spread of Coronavirus by sharing and encouraging others to participate